Nantucket Massachusetts Issues a Stay at Home Order

Nantucket is the first community to issue such an order in Massachusetts. Gov. Charlie Baker has repeatedly said he is not planning a statewide shutdown — even after several states, including California, New York, Illinois and Connecticut put similar orders into effect.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has also said he had no plans for a stay-at-home order, but acknowledged that things are changing rapidly and conversations could be different going forward.

Baker, who spoke earlier Sunday afternoon at Morning Star Baptist Church in Mattapan, said the state is expected to propose sites for field hospitals in the next few days.

“They can put that stuff up in two or three weeks,” Baker said.

He also said testing has increased more than 50 percent per day over the weekend.

“I fully expect that testing will go up in leaps and bounds,” Baker said. “As we test more we are going to find more people who are infected.”