Become a Mass Union Affiliate!

Public housing tenant associations are invited to join Mass Union as affiliates! You do not need to be officially recognized by the Housing Authority but you do need to have held an election and have at least five active members.

Member Benefits

  • Run and vote for our board of directors and officers
  • Participate in committees
  • Vote in our policy agenda prioritization process
  • Receive technical assistance and training, including election support for your LTO
  • Apply for scholarships to our bi-annual Conventions
  • Join regional and state networks with other tenants to learn directly from each other
  • Help us build Spaghetti Power to improve quality of life for tenants! Organizing is like spaghetti. One strand alone is easy to break with one hand. But bring a whole bunch of strands together – they become unbreakable. ~ Arlene Carr, Resident Leader

How to Join

Email and let us know you would like to join Mass Union!! In the email, tell us:

  1. The name of your tenant group and your Housing Authority
  2. Your group’s contact person and their phone number, email, and mailing address
  3. Confirm that your group has held an election and has at least five active members

Mass Union’s Annual Member Dues are $50 per year. Payment can be made by check or online.

Contact or call us at 617.825.9750 for more information.