Email the Governor: $8.5 Billion Needed for Public Housing Capital Repairs

Photo provided by a public housing resident

Mass Union and our partners are preparing for the Governor to release the Housing Bond Bill.

Why does this matter? Because the Housing Bond Bill provides funds for capital repairs for state public housing. We don’t have to tell you how important this is.

Please email the Governor’s Office at this link. Here’s what to say:

  • I live in public housing and I am emailing about the 5-year housing bond bill that the Healey/Driscoll administration will introduce in the coming weeks.
  • We ask that the Healey/Driscoll administration use the Housing Bond Bill to fund the $8.5 billion need for capital repairs in state-aided public housing.
  • Deferred maintenance in our state-aided public housing means that many of us are enduring deplorable conditions such as mold and lead.
  • The longer this goes unaddressed, the more people suffer, and the worse the crisis gets.
  • If we do not address the deferred maintenance now, we will begin to lose many of the 43,000 state-aided public housing units.

ADD PERSONAL COMMENTS AS WELL! Why do you believe state housing needs money for capital repairs?

Here is the link to email the governor. Click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the bullets above, and add your own comments.

As a resident of public housing, YOUR VOICE IS ESSENTIAL. Thank you for taking the time to contact our governor about this important issue!

Photo provided by public housing resident Janet Wilkins