New Public Housing Notice Gives Tenants More Voice

Mass Union builds power at the grassroots level through groups like the Morency Tenants Organization in Salem. Like many other LTOs, tenants in Salem have been building relationships with each other, identifying issues of shared concern, and bringing them to the attention of the LHA’s ED. This process became known as the Blueprint for Change and many improvements have been made as a result in Salem and beyond.

But residents in Salem hit a roadblock when their ED announced plans to enter into a “Management Agreement” with nearby Marblehead. Marblehead had lost its own ED and their board decided to hire the Salem Housing Authority to manage their LHA. This is known as a “Management Agreement.”

Tenant leaders in both Marblehead and Salem were concerned that this Management Agreement would diminish services and maintenance in both places. Tenants in other parts of the state have also been voicing concerns about Management Agreements. Meanwhile, others have reported good things about these arrangements. Sometimes Management Agreements work, and sometimes they don’t.

Mass Union heard the concerns of tenants asked EOHLC to clarify that tenants should be consulted before Housing Authorities enter into Management Agreements. We’re thrilled that they listened and released PHN 2024-2, “Requirement to consult residents when entering into Management Agreements” (see below). Now, LHAs cannot enter into Management Agreements without consulting the tenants first.

If your LHA is considering entering into a Management Agreement, please let us know. We can help you prepare to voice your opinion to the LHA staff and board. Whether you support or oppose the Management Agreement, Mass Union is here to help.