December 13: Resident Board Member Training

When: Wednesday, December 13, 2023, 10am-12pm
Register here:

This free two-hour virtual training is part of the Mel King Institute’s Public Housing Training Program. It is only open to residents who serve on the Board of their Local Housing Authority. As part of Mass Union’s partnership with MKI, Sarah Byrnes will be the trainer.

The training helps participants handle challenges unique to their particular role as both a resident and a Board Member. Participants learn about the role of the Board Member, take an in-depth look at budgets and capital improvement plans, and receive a free resource binder. They get a chance to network with each other to discuss experiences and share stories in order build confidence to perform their duties and contribute to a thriving Housing Authority.

Quotes from past participants and stakeholders:

  • “This Resident Board Member Training was the best I ever took. I have been talking all types of classes for 25 years now. My resource binder is now my Bible for questions and answers.” – Phyllis May, Resident Board Member, Framingham Housing Authority
  • “I enjoyed this training immensely. The role-playing activities brought the examples home to us and aided us in understanding Board and resident issues. I would recommend this course to anyone who is a Resident Board Member.” – Susan Stanek, Resident Board Member, Ludlow Housing Authority

Please email or call Emma Caviness if you have any questions,, 617-379-5933.