Action Needed! Campaign for Safe and Dignified State Public Housing

Updated Friday, April 21, 2023

On Wednesday, April 12th, the House Ways and Means Committee released its proposed FY2024 budget for the coming year. It included $102 million for the housing authority operating subsidy line item, a $10 million increase over last year. But more is needed to preserve public housing now and for the future. 

Residents’ voices need to be heard. 

As soon as possible, please ask your Representative to co-sponsor the following amendments:

  • Amendment #392: Amendment #392 would increase the public housing subsidy to $112 Million, a $10 Million increase over the House Ways & Means request of $102 Million. Public housing operating subsidy is critical to preserving public housing. Amendment #392 was filed by Representative Danillo Sena.
  • Amendment #966: Amendment #966 would provide $1 million for tenant participation funding for state public housing to raise the amount from $6/unit to $25/unit as in federal public housing and $1 million to launch a resident maintenance program. Amendment #966 was Filed by Representative Carole Fiola.
  • Amendment #1137: Amendment #1137 provides language to establish an Access to Counsel Program and funding of $7 million to phase it in. An Access to Counsel Program would provide legal representation for low-income tenants and low-income owner occupant landlords in eviction proceedings. While 86% of landlords are represented in Housing Court, only 11.5% of tenants are represented. Amendment #1137 was filed by Representative Dave Rogers.

Please contact your Representative as soon as possible. We have one week to get co-sponsors before the House starts to debate the budget during the week of April 24th.

To find your Representative go to:

To access the actual language of the amendments you can go to: