HOTMA Resources

`”HOTMA makes … significant changes to income calculation, net family assets, and income reviews.” [via U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development]

Here you can find numerous resources on the changes HOTMA (Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act) is bringing to public housing tenants, including slides from our 2024 webinar “What The Heck Is HOTMA?” in collaboration with Mac McCreight.

Los recursos en español están vinculados a continuación. 

“What The Heck is HOTMA?” Slides

Income & Exclusions Resource Sheet

Assets & Property Fact Sheet

Health & Childcare Deductions Fact Sheet

Income Calculations & Review Fact Sheet

Interim Reviews Worksheet

Student Financial Aid Worksheet

HOTMA- What Does It Mean For Me? Part One

HOTMA- What Does It Mean For Me? Part Two

Cálculos y Evaluaciones de Ingresos

Deducciones Médicas, de Salud y de Cuidado de Niños

Limitaciones de Bienes y Bienes Inmuebles

Evaluaciones Intermedias

Ayuda financiera para Estudiantes

HOTMA: ¿Qué significa para mí? Parte 1: Ingresos y Evaluaciones

HOTMA: ¿Qué significa para mí? Parte 2: Limitaciones de bienes y bienes inmuebles