Paying for the Mass Union Convention – New Opportunities

Thank you very much for your interest in attending our Convention! Mass Union is working hard to keep the costs of our Convention low and to raise money through sponsors and vendors. We are also providing these additional ways for you to fund your attendance.

  1. Ask Your Housing Authority to be a Resident Patron, Resident Sustainer or Resident Sponsor

This year, for the very first time, Mass Union and MassNAHRO are teaming up to encourage Housing Authorities to send resident leaders to the Mass Union Convention. Housing Authorities who pay to send residents will be recognized in Mass Union and MassNAHRO publications, including our Program Book. Download the flyer below to discuss this option with your Housing Authority.


  1. Sell Ads for our Program Book

You can also ask local vendors to purchase an ad for our Program Book. Sell one full-page ad, two half-page ads, or three quarter-page ads to pay your way! See information below.



  1. Apply for a Scholarship

If all else fails, follow the instructions below to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships will cover the full cost of the Convention. To request a scholarship, email by October at 5pm. Tell us:

  1. The name of your tenant group and your Housing Authority.
  2. Which one or two people would like to come and their contact information. You can apply for a scholarship as one or two individuals.
  3. Please write one sentence about why you want to attend and why you need funds. All answers are acceptable! We appreciate your honesty.

Scholarship Process

  1. CONTACT US! Email us with the information above by October 5 at 5pm.
  2. RAFFLE! We will draw names on a live Zoom meeting on October 6 at noon. Join us then for the fun! You do not need to be present on the Zoom Raffle to win a scholarship. We will notify you that day.
  3. If more than two people from one town/city apply, we will provide scholarships for the first two names drawn.

Scholarship Eligibility

  1. You must be an affiliate or have applied for affiliation by October 5. Contact us to become an affiliate.
  2. If you have paid to attend the Convention in the past, we urge you to please use the same funding again! Please also explore the two new options above. If you can access funds from your LTO, RAB or Housing Authority, please do. There are many people who cannot access these types of funds and we hope to offer scholarships to them. This will allow as many tenants as possible to attend. We especially want to welcome new members and people from small Housing Authorities who usually cannot afford to come. Thank you for your understanding!
  3. If you win a scholarship, you must participate in the Convention! Join workshops, discussions, and bring your best self. ☺ Thank you!