Resident Leader Training Now Available


Request a Training for Your Community!

The Mel King Institute is now offering a free two-day training for Resident Leaders in Public Housing. The training covers new regulations that give state residents more opportunities to participate, and helps you develop essential skills for running a thriving tenant organization. Plus you’ll receive a handbook with lots of resources and references.

Free and open to all public housing residents! Leaders of Local Tenant Organizations, Task Forces, Resident Advisory Boards, and other tenant groups are encouraged to attend.

To request a training in your community, fill out the enclosed form and send it to us in the stamped envelope, or contact Sarah Byrnes at or 617.379.5984.



Learn About:

New State Tenant Participation Regulations


Conducting Outreach


Running Meetings


Resolving Conflicts


Peer Networking

The mel king institute


Public Housing training program


15 Court Square, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02108
http://melkinginstitute/ publichousing

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