State Public Housing Regulations
What’s New?

In April 2017, the state released new regulations for state public housing.  
If you live in state public housing, here are a few highlights about what is new.

  • New Yearly Plans
    Housing authorities with state public housing must submit a yearly plan to the Department of Housing and Community Development. These plans will include repair plans and plans to modernize state public housing. Housing Authorities must consult Local Tenant Organizations and give all residents the chance to comment on plans. It is not clear when the planning process will begin, but we will let you know. Housing Authorities with federal public housing already submit yearly plans.
  • New Online Information
    Housing authorities must have a website or webpage with information including information about how to report maintenance problems, housing authority office hours, and names, phone numbers, and email addresses of senior staff.


  • Access to Polices
    Housing authorities must post in their central offices, on their websites or webpages, and if practical, in each development
    all rules and policies of the housing authority and state regulations.

5-Year Recognition of Local Tenant Organizations
If you have a Local Tenant Organization that is recognized
by your housing authority, you are now officially recognized for the 5 years, until April 2022. To stay recognized you must have at least 2 community meetings a year and follow the regulations. We will provide more information about this.

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