Victory!! Governor baker creates landmark commission on bullying

August 10, 2016. Governor Baker signed resolve S1984, thus  creating a landmark commission to protect elderly and disabled victims from harassing and bullying. Passage of this resolve demonstrates again the leadership and compassion of our legislators and of Governor Baker and their responsive concern for the well-being and rights of all citizens. It is a victory for citizen activism and democracy. There will be a signing ceremony at a later date, not at the state house as is usual, but on the North Shore as recognition for citizen initiative and the efforts of the North Shore delegation.

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Massachusetts Union of Public Housing Tenants 2016 FALL CONVENTION to be held at Four Point Sheraton Hotel, Norwood, Ma on October 15, 2016

The Mass Union of Public Housing Tenants Policy Board and Staff would like to announce its 2016 Fall Convention will take place on Saturday, October 15.  This event will be hosted at the Four Point Hotel, 1125 Providence Turnpike, Norwood MA. Convention Theme: Our Changing Times.

New state regulations including a new rent regulation are being drafted that requires housing authority managers to partner with residents. Every housing authority in Massachusetts is now mandated to ...

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new state law - act 235 relative to local housing authorities

On July 31, 2014, the Senate and the House passed H. 4374, An Act relative to local housing authorities(LHA) and sent it to the Governor. On August 6, Governor Patrick signed the bill into law as Chapter 235 of the Acts of 2014. As with any law, our job now becomes to enforce it to make sure that public housing and its residents, current and future, are protected. ... Mass Union of Public Housing Tenants shall be working on various aspects of implementation of the law with our partners in legal services. What follows is an outline of just some of the issues and possible next steps ...

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proposed regulation of smoking in federal public housing

The decentralized nature of ownership and administration of public housing creates challenges for developing a cohesive smoking policy. Public housing takes a variety of forms, including publicly-owned and subsidized apartment buildings (housing approximately 2.1 million tenants) as well as voucher or “Section 8” programs for privately owned properties, through which 4.9 million tenants obtain a HUD subsidy to help cover their rent in private housing.

These programs are administered by separate departments within HUD, each of which sets its own policies. Additionally, states may offer supplemental public housing programs that operate without HUD funding. Thus, regulatory authority over public housing is fragmented, both at the federal level and between HUD and local PHAs. Reflecting such variation, no-smoking policies are presently the rare exception rather than the rule among PHAs. HUD’s July 17, 2009 notice signals an important change in the agency’s historically quite neutral position. The notice stresses the health effects of environmental tobacco smoke exposure, particularly for children and the elderly, as well as the risk of fire-related deaths and injuries.

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